Architectural Control


Architectural Control keeps Woodmoor beautiful.

Architectural Control is key in keeping Woodmoor looking beautiful and maintaining a uniformity and balance to our neighborhood. The ACC committee reviews and approves exterior home maintenance and improvement projects, new housing starts, major modifications and several hundred home improvement projects each year. With resident input, the committee generates guidelines for construction permits, sports courts, storage sheds, tree houses, elevated play structures, new fences and home additions.

Architectural Control Committee Meetings are held at 7:00 P.M. on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month at the WIA administrative office at 1691A Woodmoor Drive. Residents wishing to submit applications must turn them in no later than the Thursday before the actual meeting. If your request requires notification be made to neighboring properties, your application needs to be submitted a minimum of fourteen days prior to the meeting date.

What You Need to Know

When do I need ACC approval for a project?

Pursuant to the WIA covenants, any modification to the exterior of your residence requires approval from the Architectural Control Committee (“ACC”). Depending on your project, many project applications can be approved by the ACC Administrator in the office, without going to ACC Committee.

You can submit a Miscellaneous Project Application using our online form.

Why Do I Have to Pay Fees?

The ACC assesses fees on projects to recoup the costs associated with the Administrator having to do inspections and the amount of paperwork and follow up required to process applications for the Committee. There are two (2) types of fees assessed; Administrative Fees and Compliance fee deposits. Most of the projects approved by the Administrator in the office have NO fees.

Generally, if a project is required to go to the ACC, then it will usually have a required fee and compliance deposit.

Why is there a Compliance Fee Deposit?

Compliance deposits are required by the ACC to assure that projects are completed to the specifications approved by the ACC and to assure that projects are completed in a timely manner.

Remember, Compliance Deposits are 100% refundable if a project is completed correctly and within the prescribed time frame.

What Type of Fencing is Allowed in Woodmoor?

Woodmoor allows split rail or dowel style fencing only. There are also restrictions on placement of fences, height, and painting of fences. More information is available at the WIA office or on our website.

Architectural Control Committe Meetings

January 10th & 24th
July 11th & 25th
February 14th & 28th
August 8th & 22nd
March 14th & 28th
September 12th & 26th
April 11th & 25th
October 10th & 24th
May 9th & 23rd
November 14th & 28th
June 13th & 27th
December 12th

Deadline for submission of miscellaneous projects for review by the ACC is one (1) week prior to the scheduled meeting. Major Modifications and New Construction project require submission two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled ACC meeting.

Architectural Control Committee

Robert “Benji” Benjamin

ACC Member/Director
Benji is currently the Director of Architectural Control and has lived in Woodmoor since 2011.

Mike Wangeman

ACC Member
Mike has served on the ACC since 2015 and has been a Woodmoor resident since 2006.

Bob Gountanis

ACC Member
Bob has served on the ACC for over 13 years and has an extensive background in construction and mathematics.

Edwards Miller

ACC Member
Ed has served on the ACC for over 19 years and also served as Director of Covenants when he served on the WIA Board of Directors.

Rich Wretschko

ACC Member
Rich is our current Director of Covenants and has served on the ACC since 2014. His current term expires in 2017.

Mark Ponti

ACC Member
Mark has served on the ACC since 2009 and was a former member of the Board of Directors.

Elizabeth Miller

ACC Member
Liz has served on the ACC for over 19 years and was a previous Director of the ACC when she served on the WIA Board of Directors. Liz won the Vincent Elorie award in 2015.

Anne Stevens-Gountanis

ACC Member
Anne has served on the ACC for over 13 years and was a previous Director of the ACC when she served on the WIA Board of Directors. Anne won the Vincent Elorie award in 2013.

ACC Misc Project Request

Contact ACC for approval for your next project.