Board of Directors


Board of Directors keep Woodmoor valuable.

The WIA Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer Woodmoor property owners who are nominated and elected by fellow owners. Each member serves a three-year term. Woodmoor owners depend on these volunteers, who dedicate their time and expertise, to ensure that the association fulfills it governing documents, and maintains, protects and preserves the community and its common areas in a manner that protects and enhances each Woodmoor owner’s property values.

What You Need to Know

How Do I Become a Board Member?

To become a WIA Board Member, you must be a resident in good standing. Often it is helpful to attend a Board meeting and speak with a current Board Member to learn about the responsibilities and time commitments required of the position. Applications are due by November 15th of each year for the election which takes place in January at the Annual Meeting. Interested candidates should fill out a nomination form.

How Do I Contact a Board Member?
In most all cases, a WIA staff member can answer any of your questions. If the staff cannot help you with your questions, please contact the appropriate Board member at their email address, which is located in their biographies below. If you want a call from a Board member, the staff will take your information and pass it on to the appropriate Board member, who will then contact you directly. The staff is not permitted to give out the Board members’ personal phone numbers.
Are Board Meeting Public?
Yes, all Board meetings are open to the public. Board meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month (except November and December – please check WIA calendar for exact date) at 7 pm in The Barn.
Are WIA Staff Members Residents of Woodmoor?
No, none of the staff live in Woodmoor to avoid any conflicts of interest or instances of favoritism.

Meet the WIA Board of Directors

Peter Bille

President, term expires 2018
In 1999, Peter and his family moved from Denver to Woodmoor because they loved this area for its beauty, charm and privacy. Peter's background is in Business Development Management (fancy way of saying sales) within the IT industry with a focus on disaster recovery, business continuity and cyber security. Peter joined the WIA Board to do his part in keeping the neighborhood safe while maintaining the lifestyle that he loves here in Woodmoor.


Brian Bush

Vice President, term expires 2019
Brian has been a resident of Woodmoor since 2002. His legal background will be a great asset to WIA. He values and appreciates the Woodmoor community and believes strongly that we should both preserve and improve our community.

Jennifer Cunningham

Secretary and Director of Community Outreach, term expires 2018
Jennifer Cunningham and her husband, Jim, moved to Woodmoor in 2009 from Washington, D.C. They are both retired Air Force. Jennifer is involved in the community through volunteering, being a member of the Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce and serving on the Tri-Lakes Cares Public Relations committee. Jennifer is also a Board Observer for NEPCO, a local organization that represents 38 HOAs in the Tri-Lakes region. She wants to ensure WIA has a voice in the development of our community.

Lee Hanson

Treasurer, term expires 2020

My wife Shirley and I have lived in Woodmoor since April 2003. I have worked in the electronics industry since 1972, and I am currently Chairman and Chief Operating Officer for FirstPass Engineering, a design services firm with corporate headquarters in Castle Rock. I am originally from North Dakota, received a BSEE from North Dakota State University, and an MSEE from San Diego State University. We moved to Colorado in 2000 after living and working in California and Huntsville, Alabama.

Robert "Benji" Benjamin

Director of Architectural Control, term expires 2019
Benji has lived in Woodmoor since 2011. He believes every owner should become actively involved with WIA. Realizing that is not possible, he wants to be a voice for our community members. He feels his skill set will contribute a great deal to WIA in helping make our community even stronger.

Richard Wretschko

Director of Common Areas, term expires 2020
After living in Colorado Springs for 31 years, Richard decided the crime and crowding was getting to be too much and moved to Woodmoor. Richard joined the ACC and has been impressed with the compassion and professionalism of all the staff of the WIA. Richard wants to work to maintain and enhance the many services available to our residents. He wants to listen to the community and represent their concerns with responsible actions and decisions.

Per Suhr

Director of Covenants, term expires 2019
Per and his family have lived in Woodmoor since 1985. He retired from the Lockheed/Martin Corporation and now has the time to devote to being on the WIA Board. Per has been a member of the Woodmoor Architectural Control Committee for over 10 years; from 1985 to 1990 and from 2007 to the present. Per wants to maintain the beauty and integrity of Woodmoor as he believes that this is one of the most beautiful areas in the state of Colorado.

Brad Gleason

Dir Woodmoor Public Safety, term expires 2020

My family and I recently moved to Woodmoor and built a new home. For the past 13 years, I have worked in the public safety field. In 2015, I began working for South Metro Fire Rescue, where I serve as a Public Information Officer and a member of the Incident Dispatch Team, among many other duties. I have done a lot of volunteer work in my children’s schools, and I continue to volunteer in the classroom and with school fundraisers/events. My desire to serve on the WIA Board ultimately stems from my passion for the community in which I plan to reside for years to come.

Ed Miller

Dir Forestry, term expires 2018

I moved to Colorado in 1993 to take an IT job at MCI and moved into Woodmoor in 1994. I have been active in Woodmoor ever since. I have been on the ACC for 23 years now and am starting my 24th. I was Director of Covenants for 6 months in 2010. I spent one summer doing Firewise. I currently hold a Bachelors Degree in both Forestry Science and Computer Science from Penn State University and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Florida Institute of Technology. I am currently employed by TDI as a contractor to Verizon supporting TDI’s ConsoleWorks product. I enjoy donating my free time to our community and look forward to helping to improve the health and quality of the forest in Woodmoor, which is so important to our community and our quality of life.

Contact the Board of Directors

If you need to contact the Board of Directors, let us know.