On November 21st, a man dressed in black claiming to be from Woodmoor Water and Sanitation came to a resident’s door.  He said they repaired a waterline next door and would like to place dye in the line to ensure there were no leaks in the system.  While the owners were distracted, we believe another person entered the house removing a safe from the bedroom.  It’s possible the location of the safe was gained by information from a carpet cleaner that was in the home a few days earlier. Woodmoor Water was notified. The incident was also reported to EPSO and is being investigated.

WPS wants to remind all residents that any utility worker should be in uniform and should be driving a marked vehicle. If someone comes to your house and you are not sure who they are or who they work for please contact Woodmoor Public Safety at 719-499-9771.  You can also call the company they work for to verify that they are supposed to be at your house.  If you choose to call the utility company make sure you look up the phone number yourself.  Do not get the phone number from the person in question.

If you are ever uncomfortable with a person at your door you can ask them to leave the property and then verify who they are after they leave and schedule a time for them to return.



Additional information to be aware of:

Package Thefts


The Sheriff’s Office is already seeing a rise in delivered package thefts prior to the start of the busy holiday season. Thieves can follow delivery trucks, watching for deliveries or if packages are visible from the street, they can strike.  Have packages delivered to a location where they can be received in person, such as a neighbor’s or relative’s house.  If the retailer provides the option, choose a specific delivery time or consider having your package delivered to a local store for pick-up.  Take advantage of delivery alerts so you can be notified when a package arrives at your home. When possible, request the delivery company to hold your package at their closest pick-up facility until you can pick it up or request a signature confirmation of delivery in order to prevent packages being left.


Mail Theft


We are entering the season when we see an increase in mail thefts. The thieves are looking for gift cards, cash, and checks.  Thieves can also use stolen mail for identity theft.