Recently Woodmoor Public Safety (WPS) has received numerous complaints of rude, aggressive, suspicious behavior by solicitors, and some not leaving private property when told to do so by the owner. WPS has found that these solicitors in the area are working for T&B sales out of Jonesboro, Georgia, and the principle of the company is Tim Burgess. These solicitors are staying at the Ramada Inn, 1865 Woodmoor Drive.

We have found many complaints online from the BBB,,, many others, along with a press release from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office:

As with any door-to-door solicitor, please research the company and product before purchasing regardless of their return policy. If you have a solicitor that will not leave your property after being told, please call WPS at 499-9771 and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at 390-5555 immediately.

Please pass onto your neighbors.