WPSVehicle-minAre you concerned when arranging to sell or view an item for sale from sites such as Craigslist? WPS can now provide a “Safe Zone” for Woodmoor residents at the WPS office or parking lot. The goal of this program is to provide physical safety of residents during contacts for internet purchases/negotiations and to deter fraud and scams from ever occurring. Scammers are unlikely to show up when business is to be conducted at our office. You must be a Woodmoor resident and give a WPS Officer a minimum of 30 minutes notice of the appointment. Appointments must be made between the hours of 12:00 noon and 7:00 pm and be conducted at the WIA/WPS office or property. WPS will not verify any goods, services, or payments. We cannot be involved in any civil disputes and will not take possession of any goods or payments.

If you would like this service, please call 499-9771.