Vacation Rental Survey

The vacation rental industry has seen a boom in interest in the last decade. In fact, in the U.S., Airbnb and VRBO searches are neck and neck with large hotel chains such as Hyatt and Holiday Inn. This phenomenon is gaining traction in Woodmoor, with more and more residents applying to use their homes for such purposes.

Woodmoor covenants, put in place in 1971, currently state that "no ... commercial business or trade shall be carried on upon any tract, except that professional offices, such as that of a lawyer, doctor, dentist or engineer ... within the main dwelling."  

Over the years, WIA has expanded this provision by approving home-based businesses such as IT services, photography studios, direct marketing, etc. The main consideration for these approvals was minimal to no impact on the residents and community.

To the extent that vacation rentals of residential property can be considered a business, there are significant additional considerations to these requests. The Board of Directors, charged with ensuring the beauty, value and livability of our community, is soliciting your input, as members of our HOA, on whether you think VRBO and Airbnb-style accommodations should be allowed in Woodmoor.

You may submit your survey until August 1, 2017. Please only submit 1 survey per lot owned in Woodmoor.

Should short-term rentals, such as VRBO, Airbnb and HomeAway, be allowed in Woodmoor? Short-term is defined as anything less than 30 days.
If you answered no, what are your major concerns why you would NOT want short-term rentals? Choose all that apply.
Comments regarding not allowing short term rentals.
If you answered yes, what factors should be considered by the WIA Board in deciding whether to approve an application for temporary rental of residences?
Comments concerning allowing vacation rentals.